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About Us

Physiotherapy is a health care branch that works on PHYSICAL aspect of ailment. It is a drug less therapy. It works towards rehabilitation and maintenance, to bring back lost activity to near normal function. CURA PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC is a very well known clinic in Karve Nagar area, Pune West, Maharashtra, India. It is successfully run for over 14 years by Dr. Supriya Antarkar Joshi and her team.

The name is inspired from word "CURE". Where you are cared, to get cured from joint ailments. It is a well organized and well equipped set up of physiotherapy. It has Short wave diathermy, Interferential therapy unit, Ultrasonic therapy unit, Electronic traction unit, Electrical nerve stimulator, etc. Approach for exercise therapy is also one of the best which includes Active movements, resisted exercises against weight and theraband , positional changes to improve strength. Active/passive stretches, yoga postures to improve flexibility. Maitland's joint mobilization to improve joint ranges.

Ergonomic counseling and postural correction exercise is our expertise, you will not get just freedom from joint problems, but also you can prevent them from coming back. For those who like to learn basic of Pranayama, the session includes anatomy and physiology of lung and respiratory system along with different breathing techniques. Joint problems in pregnancy and post delivery are very common, to get relief from them exercises and relaxation poses are taught.

Dr. Supriya

Cura physiotherapy clinic is successfully run by a dynamic physiotherapist Dr.Supriya Antarkar- Joshi over past 14 years. She has diverse experience and interest. She is working in the field of physiotherapy for past 14 years. She understands that injuries and pain make normal activities difficult often making life more stressful.

A marathon runner and avid trekker, Dr. Supriya is a qualified physiotherapist and is registered with Indian Association of Physiotherapists. She is has also passed certifications like diet and nutrition consultant from, Progressive Fitness, US and pre- post natal exercise instructor from SCW, US. She has done her physiotherapy graduation from Pune in Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, one of the best colleges in India.

She is experienced in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions as well as pregnancy cases. She has a good platform of experience from well-known hospitals like Sahyadri Speciality hospital, Deepashri Accident clinic,etc are few to name.

She is certified with advance training in office and industrial ergonomics at Recoup hospital, Banglore in association with International Ergonomics association, Milano, Italy. She works as freelance ergonomic consultant to various well known organizations and companies. She also conducts seminars on postural corrections and office ergonomics. She arranges employee wellness workshops in various corporate sectors for orthopedic rehabilitation and postural care.

Her knowledge and expertise in senior fitness has brought her to prestigious position of Secretary of Geriatric Society of India, Pune (2017).

She has completed Mulligan Course from Capri Institute, Delhi. She is experienced in Mulligan method of joint mobilization for maximum gain in range of motion after any joint injury.

She is also certified with kinesiology taping for sports and posture corrections by Movement solutions.

She is certified in Matrix therapy practice by Dr.Randoll, from Munich, Germany.

She also has certification in "Myokinetic chain release" by Dr. Manish Arora.

She has also worked as lecturer to international personal training courses from ACE (American council on Exercise), and ACSM (American College on Sports Medicine) from BFY. She has also been one of the faculties to CME program on Geriatric fitness (Old age Health) organized by Indian medical association, Pune branch, January, 2014.

She is always socially active in publishing articles in local newspapers, arranging free camps at Cura for social awareness. She regularly writes about health and physiotherapy with name "Physiotherapy..it will move you!" in her blog i.e www.curaphysiotherapy.blogspot.com

She works on physiotherapy public awareness by her health related videos on her YouTube channel, named "Dr.Supriya Antarkar Joshi".

Dr. Supriya always keeps up to date with the latest techniques through attending postgraduate training courses. So you can be sure that the treatment you receive will be of the highest quality. Importantly, you will be given a tailor-made program of exercises, designed specifically for you. This will ensure that she can not only treat your problem, but prevent it from coming back.

Dr.Jyoti Sanas

Dr. Sapana Charde is a very active and hardworking Physiotherapist. She has completed her Bachelor's in Physiotherapy from V.S.P.M's College of Physiotherapy, Nagpur (2019). She has an experience of working in Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur. She is currently pursuing Masters in Sports Science from Insitute of Sports Science and Technology. She is associated with Cura since October, 2020.

She is a certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner. She has keen interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.She has also attended a workshop on "Communication Skills in Medical Field".

She is a Manual therapy Practitioner and also an Ergonomic Advisor. She has good hands on in Myofascial release, Cupping Therapy and also Matrix Rhythm Therapy. 

She is a Basketball National Player continuously for three years. She is certified as a trekker from Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering &  Allied Sports Manali, Himachal Pradesh, which provides specialized training to a player. Being a sportsperson, she has also gained knowledge in Sports fitness and Physiotherapy Management. 

She is always eager to learn new Physiotherapy Techniques used in patient treatment management. She loves her Profession and enjoy working as a Physiotherapist.
Along with this personality in medical field, she likes travelling different places, trekking, drawing sketches and watching movies.

Dr. Rajvi Doshi

She has completed her Bachelor's in Physiotherapy from Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Physiotherapy, Pune (2019). She is associated with Cura for over a year. She is an enthusiastic and a hard working Physiotherapist.

She has a keen interest in Musculoskeletal and Sports injury rehabilitation. She has an experience of treating musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries and is an expert in postoperative rehabilitation. She is a certified orthopedic manual therapist from Capri Insitute, Delhi. She has a good hands on practice in Matrix Rhythm Therapy, myofacial release and cupping therapy. She is also certified and experienced in Dry needling.

She has been actively associated as an onfield Physiotherapist for Oxfam trailwalk of 100 kms for 2 consecutive years.

She is an expert in prehab and rehab of injuries related to running moreover, she is great with handling ankle sprain rehabilitation, having done a research on the same. She has a research paper published on ankle sprains – “Ankle Kinematics after Prophylactic ankle taping during Sprinting action in recreational players. “ in 2021.

Along with this personality in medical field, she likes reading books, exploring new places, playing sitar.

Dr. Shivani Jahagirdar

She has completed her bachelors from SDM college of Physiotherapy, Dharwad, Karnataka (2018).She is associated with Cura over a year.  Her fields of interest are Orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation and teaching fitness.

She has a vast experience of diagnosing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries and post operative rehabilitation including traumatic injuries and joint replacements.

She is a certified orthopedic manual therapist from Capri Institute,Delhi and dry needling practitioner. She has a good hands on with myofascial release, cupping therapy.

She is an expert in strength and conditioning and helps people with joint and muscular issues in performing safe workouts through diverse and unique exercises to improve strength, mobility, balance and coordination of body.

Working out and staying fit is her passion and she loves to help patients to achieve their optimal health.

Dr. Ankita Mehta Thorat

An enthusiastic working physiotherapist, associated with Cura since March, 2020. She has completed her Bachelors of Physiotherapy (2014) as well as Masters in Musculoskeletal Sciences (Orthopedics)  from  Sancheti College of Physiotherapy, Pune(2018). She is a certified Manual Therapy Practitioner from Capri Institute, Delhi.  She has a keen interest in Post Traumatic Rehabilitation and Joint Replacements. She has experience of handling cold orthopedic and musculoskeletal cases also. She is certified and experienced in Kinesiology Taping. She has also attended  Level 1 Sports Physiotherapy course organized by the Australian Physiotherapy Association(Dec,2019). She is also a certified Pilates Practitioner. 

She has attended various workshops related to Pelvic  Girdle Dysfunctions and has expertise in treating various back pain patients. She has also gained knowledge in recent advances in treatment of Knee Injuries by attending the Pune Knee Rehab Course for 3 consecutive years(2016-2018).

She has experience working at Dr Chetan Pradhan Sancheti Clinic, Pune where she treated cases including spondylitis, arthritis,etc 2014. She also has worked at Siddharth Hospital ,a private setup independently taking care of In-patient and Out-patient departments 2015-2017. She has also planned prehab  workout sessions for various shoulder and knee cases while working at Physio Studio ,Pune which also had an association with ISST,Pune (Institute of Sports Sciences & Technology)2018-2019.

In her academic contributions , she has a paper published on Adhesive Capsulitis- “Comparison Between Passive Stretching  Exercises  and Mulligan  Mobilization Technique on Pain and Function in Patients of Adhesive Capsulitis” in 2017.Along with this personality in medical field she is good at acting and dancing.

Dr. Aishwarya

She has completed her Bachelor’s from Modern College of Physiotherapy, Pune in 2016 and complete d her Master’s in Orthopedic Physiotherapy from KAHER Institute of Physiotherapy , Karnataka in 2019. She is with CURA since then. She is certified dry needling , kinesiology taping and pilates practitioner. She has also mastered manual therapy techniques used in rehabilitation program such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, neurodynamic techniques. She is certified for advanced technique “Matrix Rhythmus Therapy “ which is also a soft tissue release technique. She has keen interest in treating patirnts with work- related musculoskeletal problems. She has good knowledge about pre and post – operative rehabilitations.

Other than physiotherapy , she likes to travel , cook variety of dishes and read books.