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Cura Physiotherapy Clinic
Kothrud, Bavdhan

Physiotherapy is a healthcare branch that works on PHYSICAL aspect of ailment. It is a drug less therapy. It works towards rehabilitation and maintenance, to bring back lost activity to near normal function. Cura Physiotherapy Clinic is a well known brand since 2007 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is committed towards excellence with extreme care and monitoring! With the trust of 6500+ patients for right diagnosis with assured remarkable care".

What would you expect from CURA experts?
  • We understand that life is busy and there is no time for illness, when you are in CURA, we "LISTEN" to your problems to understand how they are affecting your routine schedule.
  • An in depth assessment is carried out by Cura experts to diagnose the root of symptoms and to plan proper treatment.
  • We believe, that "YOU" are the most important person in the rehabilitation journey and we help you understand the disease process and the progress rate of the treatment.
What do we do for quick pain relief?
  • In case of acute pain, unabeling you to carry out routine expected movement, we focus on "Fast Pain relief".
  • To achieve faster pain relief, we give passive relaxing stretches, joint and soft tissue mobilizations, conventional drugless electrotherapy, dry needling, kinesiology taping, etc depending on the need of the condition.
  • For INSTANT pain relief, in case of very acute painful condition, restricting you from important meeting, event or game,we can help you with joint and soft tissue mobilizations with support of kinesiology taping for the desired results. (Please understand acute conditions can be due underlying chronic conditions and may require complete solution to the fix the root cause.)
How do we plan your "back to life" journey? (Physical rehabilitation)
  • We understand that concept of fitness is different for different individuals. Like for white collar workers it's "pain free office life" and for sports enthusiasts it is " high endurance" in performance. We can help you at any level of physical rehabilitation, from "pain relief to performance enhancement."
  • Once you are out of acute painful zone, we move you to a complete tailor made rehabilitative exercises program. After you have mastered the exercises, we provide " Home Exercise Program" ( H.P.E.) in video or printed version according to your convenience.
  • We ensure that you keep timely follow ups to check if the exercises are performed correctly and to improvise at right times.
  • If you are an athlete or sports enthusiast who wish to continue and progress on fitness journey, we help you with sports rehabilitation experts, who can guide you with getting back with sports and improving performance.
How do we keep follow ups with busy patients?

We understand that it is difficult for some of you to attend follow up sessions at clinic due to busy schedule or physical limitations, we provide online consultation in the form of video consultation through Skype or message consultation through WhatsApp chat. For those who cannot visit clinic at all due to physical limitations, we provide "Home physiotherapy services."

How do we fight with recurring injuries?

*Cura Specialty

  • To avoid any recurrence of symptoms, we provide best Ergonomic solutions to " YOU". We evaluate your work station by reviewing photos you provide us and suggest changes if any.
  • Treating the root cause is our motto, and we actually help our patients to choose right furniture, pillows, mattresses and shoes to avoid any possible relapses of symptoms.
How do we handle chronic pain and stiffness?
  • At times the back or joint stiffness is very chronic and does not respond to active exercises. This can be very effectively be treated with "Advanced German Matrix Rhythm Therapy".
  • We are one of the pioneers in India to give this treatment.
  • This is a complete passive and relaxed way of soft tissue release.
  • The treatment is also very effective for post fracture or injury stiffness and pain.
  • It is a wonderful tool for faster sports recovery.
Which preventive services we provide?
  • As popularly known, "Stitch in time saves nine" we provide best "Preventive" solutions for possible joint problems."
  • We use a Clinical evaluation tool to forecast joint problems and help you absolutely "AVOID" them!
  • For sedentary workers, we have developed a online workstation evaluation program, you can contact us over whatsapp or email to assess your work posture and to provide you plan of simple working exercises to avoid aches.