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cura-physiotherapy electro therapy

Electro Therapy   >     Pain relief without medicines


Electromagnetic waves generate heat by tissue resistance to electric current. It heats the deeper layers that are subcutaneous tissue greater than superficial heating techniques.

It helps in following ways

It reduces pain. It relieves the stiffness of the joints. It reduces muscle tightness. It increases the blood flow at the area.

Benefits & Duration

Heat therapy warms up the tissues and readies for future exercises, Action similar to warming up exercises. 15-20 Minutes depending on condition


These are sound waves in greater frequencies i.e. 1 to 3 MHz .

Thermal (heat) effect

This is by mechanical vibration. It makes more oxygen available to tissues by increasing blood circulation. Greater circulation also means better removal of waste products and reduction in swelling.

Mechanical Effect

This is due to waveform of ultrasound, which causes compression/rarefaction in tissues causing pumping effect and better resolution of swelling. It also helps in reducing stiffness.

Useful For & Duration

Inflammation of Elbow Joint (Tennis elbow) ,Plantar fascitis(Heel pain),Shortening of Muscle or Ligament ,Inflammation of tendons(For e.g. Supraspinatus tendinitis) ,Ligament sprain(For e.g. Lateral Ligament sprain of ankle), Unhealed scars 10 Minutes.


(IFT) uses a mid frequency – current for treatment. It is applied by electrodes attached to stimulator.

Benefits & Duration

Pain relief by- increasing local blood circulation, by helping release of painkillers in brain. Reduction in swelling by muscle contraction followed by relaxation. Relaxation of tissues. Useful for individuals with Pain, Muscles spasm (pain and tightness), Swelling Muscle strain, also very useful in nerve irritations and inflammations.


There are two varieties cervical (for neck)Lumbar (for lower back). It is useful for Neck/low back pain, nerve pain of postural origin, acute muscle catch.

Benefits & Duration

Passive stretching of muscle helps in relief from pain and spasm, Helps in improving pliability of muscle, Relieves nerve pain arising from postural or muscular reason, 10 Minutes.


It is applied by electrodes attached to stimulator. The actual painful sites are to be identified then the electrodes are placed. Electrical stimulation is used to activate and train a muscle, which has lost its action or in training a muscle which has lost or 'forgotten' its action after an injury / surgery.


Modified Galvanic Current - In this treatment method the duration of current flow is long and continuous. Used in cases of severe nerve damage. Surged Faradic Current - Shorter duration and intermittent current flow. Used in cases of partial nerve damage or nerve compression. Useful for conditions like - All Nerve injuries (like Radial nerve Injury of the arm or hand),,Muscle weakness(To activate the muscle) , Facial nerve Injury

Benefits & Duration

Blocking the gate for pain sensation at brain level. Causing release of pain killers in brain. Increasing blood circulation. Giving massaging effect. 10 to 15 Minutes.

Cold Therapy

This is usually given by ice pack/ ice cube in plastic bag. It reduces pain, swelling, inflammation and tightness It is commonly used in early phases of injury. It is also used for over use syndromes. It's duration is for 5 to 10 minutes.

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