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Ergonomics is concerned with human anatomy and bio mechanical characteristics related to physical activity. Ergonomics is about designing for people, wherever they interact with products, systems or processes. The emphasis within ergonomics is to ensure that designs complement the strengths and abilities of people and reduce the effects of their limitations, rather than forcing them to adapt.

What is ergonomics?

Derived from Greek word Ergon meaning work Nomoi meaning natural laws.

Simply it's natural law of working. It improves POSTURE and reduces unnecessary static work of muscles. Faulty posture and undue stress on joints is the main reason of having repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomics is not only applied in computer workstations, but also in Manufacturing units, Manual lifting, Push/pull activities, Prolonged standing/sitting, Gardening, Sports etc.

We at Cura provide a specialised service called work site assessment. It consists of observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of the duties that an employee performs. The tasks assessed can be current duties that the employee is performing or can alternatively be suitable duties that have be identified for an injured employee to perform.

Research shows that approximately 35% of the Indian's working population suffer from back pain. A further 17% complain of aches in their arms and legs. These work-related musculoskeletal problems cost employers in the India up to 6 billion pounds per year in lost production.

Poor workstation / workplace ergonomics can cause many musculoskeletal problems. A ergonomic assessment consists of an individual workstation / workplace assessment and postural advice. The purpose of the assessment is to identify and eradicate risk factors, reduce the risk of current or future health problems and / or poor work performance. Risk factors may be related to working posture, the design or set up of the work area, equipment design, or simply the way in which the worker carries out a task.

We can provide on-site assessment and training in ergonomics. Individual workstation assessments, back care awareness classes and group manual handling training sessions can all be provided.