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Matrix Rhythm Therapy

A new dimension in the management of pain and restricted mobility By. Dr. Randoll, Germany.
• Only non-invasive therapy to restore rhythm of cells and muscles.
• Only medical equipment with self regulating frequency .
Life is a Process. Everything in our body has a rhythm. Our Brain , Heart , Lungs etc, all work rhythmically. Whenever we experience any pain or any other symptoms, it is said that there is loss of rhythmic oscillation of the cells.
As the cells are not functioning in their normal rhythmic oscillations, there is no proper supply of nutrients and the energy production of the cell is deactivated.
With the help of Matrix Rhythm Therapy we get back the cells to oscillate in their normal range that is between 8-12 Hz. Thus improving the nutritional supply to cell and reactivating the energy production.
Matrix Rhythm Therapy are rhythmic oscillations. They are magneto-mechanical oscillations, soft ,gentle & harmonious to the tissue which induces the cell to accept again their own analogue oscillations.
The therapy usually varies from 30 minutes - 60 minutes. Depending on the area to be treated.
It is very useful in treatment of cases like Aching limbs especially shoulder, hip, knee, Muscle hardening, Abnormal tone of the muscle, headache, neck and back pain, etc.

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