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A virtual super-specialty clinic for joint pain prevention and treatment..

The new era in physiotherapy practice has begun! Physiotherapy as a whole is moving away from dependency on electrotherapy machines and more towards rehabilitation plans that the patient carries out themselves under guidance.
Our online consultation service allows you to access our expert physiotherapists from anywhere in the world!
If you have some joint problem or limitation in movement, if you have met with injury and looking for personalized rehab treatment program then we can definitely help you to get back to routine and rest assured, if we feel that you need to see physiotherapist or other health professional in person, we will certainly let you know.
If you are in Pune,Maharashtra ,India, you can meet us personally for first evaluation and treatment planning and have online follow up sessions if you have a busy schedule.
If you have any questions, or wish to know if your injury is suitable for a Cura Online consultation, write us to curaphysiotherapy@gmail.com or Whats App us on +917276020207.

Who can be benefited with online physiotherapy?

If you travel a lot and cannot find time for physiotherapy appointment.
If you cannot make to physiotherapy clinic due to your working hours.
If you have difficulty in walking or using transports.
If you live in remote area where physiotherapy services are not available or up to the mark.

How treatment is given online?

Assessment of given symptoms is most crucial part. We do so by following particular history taking and online evaluation chart.
Once the grade and severity of discomfort is categorized we provide you with a carefully designed exercise program and assist you in planning out rest and activity intervals.
The exercises are sent in video format for ease of understanding. Still if there any doubts you can communicate with us regarding the same.

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