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Mukesh Paliwal says:

Dear Madam, It gives me tremendous pleasure to write few words of praise , expressing gratitude and recommendations for any one looking for physiotherapist services.

Few month back when I was brought back after a fortnight of Deenanath hospital treatment after a sudden brain stroke.( In fact I had two stroke one before reaching the hospital and one soon after I was admitted. ) Verdict was plain and simple my complete left side was paralysed with what Drs called grade zero.

On 2nd or 3rd day my physiotherapy journey started. Two sessions every day . After 15-16 days of treatment and observations in Hospital I was discharged . I returned home on wheel chair with big question - what next and how long it will take ?

Because with Neuro patients they said two things clearly - 1. It is a time consuming process and 2. Every patient is different and there are no set patterns or so called proto-calls as such .

While one post graduate Sr physiotherapist was deputed for my treatment on behalf of DeenanathHospital , we still were in search of physiotherapist for afternoon sessions. And after browsing the net we found Cura physiotherapy clinic and they were happy to depute their very sincere and talented comparatively not so experienced candidate .

But at the end of 4 months treatment I can vouch for Dr Seema Joshi , physiotherapist who besides being good physio Dr , she possesses - all characteristic of good human being (specially required in this profession )enormous talent and full with sincerity and enthusiasm . She will prove to be an asset not only to where ever she is associated currently but to entire professional fraternity in general . Well done Dr. ! Wish you and your clinic the best .

And by the way I am almost there . Able to walk without any stick , can climb staircase and step down with little support. And my hand and finger movements ahead of normal progress ,regular reviews said . Though this is a shared credit as another senior post graduate Dr AditiKetkar from Deenanath was simultaneously treating me from almost same time , no one can take away Dr Seemajoshi's share in my progress . In fact it was a constant challenge for her to live up to high standard of treatment set by senior more experienced Dr. But Dr Seema Joshi managed it all and managed well . Where ever experienced fail little short Drs sincerity and hard-work -noticeably observed . Once Again sincere thanks to Cura physiotherapy clinic and Dr SeemaJoshi .

Mr. Sagar Padhye says

"Very attentive and clear. Explained the problem in detail to my understanding. Carried out few tests to confirm the exact pain area. Explained few corrective measures plus exercises for not letting pain prop up again in future. Overall good experience."

Sulabha Moghe says

"Very happy and satisfied .I would recommend this for other people.Very helpful staff and good explanation by the doctor."

Sneha Modak Says

"We are really happy with the diagnosis done by Dr. Supriya. She personally attended us very well on time, heard total issue we had and then very systematically she analyzed it and gave us a line of treatment to overcome the pain without disturbing daily chores."

Ashutosh Joshi Says

"First time I have taken a physiotherapy service & I am very happy way Dr. Joshi heard to all my questions n answered in a very professional manner. Looking forward for 100% relief from my ligament pain. Thanks !"

Verified Patient of Tennis Elbow Says

"There is a great pain relief after consultion at Cura Physiotherapy. Dr. Supriya and her team of doctors are very friendly. Their approach to treatment is very good. Their explanation of the problem and exercises towards that end is appreciated."

Verified Patient of Knee Injury Says

"As always, the treatment and the way of explaining is really very good and satisfactory..All the supportive staff too is really good and well trained.. Overall approach to the patient is awesome."

Mr. Chiramade Says

"Over all good experience. Dr. Listen to my doubt carefully and provided possible reason for back pain. Treatment was satisfactory. I will definitely recommend this clinic to friends and colleagues. And also entire staff is very professional."

Verified Patient of Back pain Says

"She is amazing,sweet,friendly,understanding and the way she explains the problem to every patient is too good. Staff is very cooperative and friendly. I have never came across such a positive environment in any clinic. I will definitely recommend Cura physiotherapy to my all friends and family."

Verified Patient of Ankle Fracture Says

"Staff is very supportive. Special thanks to Dr. Jyoti who has really helped me in getting back on my feet. Support is tremendous from all the other doc's available at Cura. Highly recommended. :)"

Verified Patient of Frozen Shoulder Says

"Experience with the doctor and the staff was awesome. Courteous staff, especially Arohi mam took exercise scientifically . Patient develop confident regarding recovery. Full attention to your exercise as well treatment . You can experience the same by yourself . Best wishes to Dr Supriya mam ,her staff and cura clinic."

Verified Patient of Cervical Spondylitis Says

"Excellent experience..Nice explanation by supriya mam...supportive and polite staff…cleanliness… sms and mail alerts of appointment.."

Verified Patient of Lower backache Says

"Doctor is really great! This is the 1st doctor who when i visited and did not asked me for x ray and asked me to wait for 3 days with treatment, And guess what exactly after 3 days pain started dropping like anything, i was under impression that i had this injury however later on pain drill down so and more concern about patient health. And assistant doctor are also possessed detail knowledge and knows exactly what is to be done, They take care and advice until they cure. Happy to undergo treatment with I will recommend for sure."

Vrushali Joshi Says

"A friendly approach with patients. She make understand patient about the exact health problem and remedies to get cure from it. She don't keep you in dark. Its really worth for going to her for treatment."

Savita Mutalik Says

"Very nice and friendly , sincere in her work , nice set up and good vibration in clinic , would like to recommend"

Dr. Gauri Pradhan Says

"Doctor is very expert and precisely identified the problem. I am totally satisfied with the way the treatment was given."

Verified patient of Knee Pain Says

"Expertise and Confident doctor. Punctual , Courteous, Sincere team. Sufficient time and explanation being provided. Regular follow up. Will definitely recommend to family and friends."

Mr. Sanjay Says

"My first visit yesterday ... I consulted Dr Supriya for Vertigo and neck pain issue ....... her approach was professional. Dr.Supriya was thorough in analyzing my earlier investigation reports provided. She was clear, elaborate on explaining me the root cause of the issue. Overall I am satisfied with my first visit to Cura. Thanks Dr. Supriya."

Avinash Bhuskute, Lawyer Says

"It was assuring and nice experience. The atmosphere was healthy. The approach of doctor was to the point and there was absolute clarity in guidance."

Verified Patient of Foot drop Says

"Excellent care, excellent service, excellent result! Everyone was very polite! It was quick service and a very professional environment! Dr.Supriya was explaining me the root cause of the issue. Overall, I am satisfied with my visit to Cairo."

Verified Patient knee arthritis says

"The doctor's appointment was bang on time. She explained the diagnosis clearly. Her team also explained the exercises properly."

Madhuri Khaire Patil Says

"Quick relief from my pain and I got best advice from the doctor . All doctors are very friendly and intelligent."

Shubhada Katdhare Says

"The doctor explained her diagnosis and line of treatment clearly. the appointment system is very professional, I have never had to wait beyond 3 minutes. The therapy and therapist are patient, experienced and diligent."

Verified patient of slipped disc says

"She started the Physical Therapy with meaningful discussion with my Doctor who is MS (Ortho). A good combination of Traction and IFT reduced pains to 90%. Then Starting with Moderate exercise, she slowly increases the stretches. I am hopeful to e 100% perfect in a month. But you also have to exercise Daily as instructed by her. She has best team of Doctors, i.e. Dr.Aditi Kulkarni."

Kshitij Tambe, Cricketer Says

"It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Supriya explained the cause of the pain in detail and it was helpful."

Verified patient for treatment of IFT says

"Doctor is very soft spoken Gives satisfactory answers to all queries Advice to stop treatment at proper time shows attitude of Doctor not grabbing money from patients."

Rajesh Bharate Says

"The doctor is very friendly and has a great understanding of the patient's psychology. She is an active listener and pays attention to what patients have to say."

Ramkumar Iyer Says

"Dr.Supriya is very friendly and she listens to your issues patiently and gives tailor made solutions to solve your pain issues."

Jaya Pillai Says

"Was explained clearly why my feet was paining so badly. This was my biggest problem. The exercises was shown practically along with video sent to practice. Calls before my appointment was dealt politely Very professional."

Vidula Keskar Says

"I am undergoing 'matrix' treatment for vericose veins. I have got great relief from the pain in my legs . Dr Supriya Antarkar's quick response to any query, care and affection during and after the treatment is over, is highly admirable."

Verified Patient of Lower backache says

"I was in acute pain when i came for the first time in my back ,from the very first session i got so much relief,i was able to walk on my own. Doctors here handled me with so much care and guided me with the exercises. I am satisfied with my experience very much."

Vitthal Kulkarni says

"Very nice experience. She understood my problem quickly and planned treatment accordingly. I had quick recovery within couple of sessions."

Ashok Bhandawale Says

"Patiently understanding the problem of patient. Nice explanation of the treatment and exercises. No undue treatment period. Emphasis on exercises. Other comments - 1. Cleanliness, especially the beds and bed covers. 2. Privacy is maintained during treatment. 3. I think charges are reasonable."

Ahmed Abdi Says

"The experience in entirety satisfactory. Explanation by doctor about problem and exercise schedule has been very encouraging. Charges are more than reasonable which demonstrates the spirit of service. Conversation with the doctor convey the attitude of service."

Chaya Ghule Says

"She clearly explained reasons for my shoulder pain and different treatment options with pros and cons. She did not suggest unnecessary injections."

Kaira Supekar Says

"Dr is thorough professional and very polite and punctual . Her ability to diagnose and treat is very good ."

Akash Benali Says

"I have never been dissapointed by dr supriya. I dont feel the need to take a first opinion of an ortho. I go straight to dr supriya. Her diagnosis has always been spot on."

Verified Patient of Heel pain Says

"The doctor gave complete details of the problem based on the check up she performed. Also, I was given complete walkthrough of the treatment for the painful leg. The doctor is experienced and knowlegable in her area of work."

Kartik Says

"I appreciate their service .Very friendly. In fact they tried their best for recovery. I had visited 8-9 times in a months and I am happy about my recovery."

Vikram Joshi Says

"Got fantastic results. Was facing postural issues & back pain was hurting my day to day functioning. Doctor knew the root cause as I explained my issue, & she explained so I could understand what I need to take care of to not worsen the situation. Got fantastic relief in single session of matrix therapy. Year's pain gone in minutes. Thank you doctor."

Neelima Says

"It is said that more than medical treatment healing touch of doctor is more curative. I experienced very kind and genuine touch of you and your colleagues Dr. Supriya. My leg pains are subdued considerably due to treatment and healing touch of yours. I am grateful for treating nicely in all sense añd in all the ways. May God bless you all. Thanks a lot. Regards."

Mrs. Madhura Shiralkar Says

"I have recently joined as a Physiotherapist at Cura and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Dr Supriya is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in the field. She is a great teacher and very supportive. I see patients getting better in few treatment sessions itself. Patients have great faith and confidence in Dr Supriya and she lives up to it. We all physiotherapists share a warm, friendly and co-operative relationship amongst ourselves which naturally gets passed on to the patients visiting the clinic. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been associated with Cura."

Mr. Prakash Biradar says

"Doctor Supriya is a caring person. She speaks in terms that you can understand. She is very easy to talk to. She took time with me to ensure I understand what my health needs are."

Mr. Anil Chavan says

"Wish I could express in a language that describes the experience most aptly. Very punctual,organised, rich subject knowledge, dedicated associates, highly personalised and focussed, in brief very professional set up. Obviously results, relief, recovery is quick and assured. Rest assured you are in the safe hands literally. May God bless the team with all the happiness that they distribute to the world around them."

Mrs. Varsha Joshi says

"Dr. Supriya explained me in details about the knee problem I was suffering from. She showed lot of patience in treating my chronic knee problem. Her approach helps patients recover not only physically but mentally also. "

Advocate Tushar Kanbur says

"CURA PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC, Karvenagar, Pune is the best clinic in this area with respect to solving all types of problems related to treatment of muscular and neurological problems. It has the latest medical equipments, so also skilled and efficient staff which imparts prompt and systematic medical treatment. I am an Advocate by profession and suffering from peripheral neuropathy for the last 3 years which gives me unbearable pains in the limbs and also burning sensation in the feet. The treatment, guidance and apt advice with proper supervision by DR.SUPRIYA ANTARKAR have helped in reducing the pain considerably. Dr. Supriya is an authority in physiotherapy and in treatment of such muscular, neurological, other similar related problems and persons who are suffering from them will surely benefit from her treatment."

Mrs. Aparna Limaye says:

"I really like this clinic. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and friendly. One does not get the feeling of being ill. You don't get treated as patients but as friends, and Dr.Supriya and Dr. Poonam are your care takers. They guide so well that I got confidence that I will definitely recover from my problem. I was suffering from wrist pain with thumb pain for over 2 months. The pain was so severe that I was not able to lift even lightest weight which made me very much dependent. Now within a month's time with exercises and electrotherapy I have got complete relief. Thank you very much everyone at Cura. "

Mrs. Asha Udyawar says:

"I am 63 year old, housewife. I am suffering from neck and back ache since past 10 years. I started coming to Cura physiotherapy since 2010 on and off. I was taught exercises for the same. These exercises have helped me to a great extent. Approach of doctors and assistance is really good. I am very much happy with appointment system they work on, it saves lot of time. Thank you everyone at Cura. "

Mrs. Vrushali Joshi says:

"I was having backache for past 3 months. It was making my routine very difficult. I came to know about the clinic from one of my relatives. So then I started taking treatment from Cura, the results were really good with around 50 to 60% in just couple of days. I am still on treatment. I would like to complete the full course, and I am sure I will definitely get better. I really like the approach of doctors here. Thank you!"

Mrs. Neurgaonkar Smita says:

"I am 58 year old. I am a home maker. I had severe upper back pain 2 months back. I was doing a few asanas at home, accidentally something really went wrong and I got severe muscle soreness. One of my friends recommended me to Dr.Supriya for treatment. The severity of pain called for investigations. I went for X-ray and a few blood test suggested by her. Then physiotherapy was started according to the reports, in the form of IFT and exercises. Within a week I got better and then the focus shifted to exercises and was given specific stretches and theraband exercises. Now in a 3 weeks time, I have started with my routine asanas again. Thank you doctor. "

Mrs. Tembhekar Madhuri says:

"I started getting neck pain since last 1 and half month. Frankly speaking, when the pain increased to I visited Cura physiotherapy clinic for advice as my daily routine was getting affected, after evaluation I was given electrotherapy and exercises for it. The exercises included strength training, stretching and manual therapy. Within 3 weeks time, I have got almost complete relief with ease of movement in neck. "

Mrs. Mohini Pimpalkhare says:

"I am 44 year old. I had severe shoulder muscle pull 2 months back while working out in gym. The pain was unbearable, and I was not able to move my shoulder at all. The pain used to be worst at night disturbing my sleep. After carrying on for 10-15 days I visited Dr.Supriya. She explained me the mechanism of problem and care to be taken, then started with electrotherapy and simple stretching. My pain started reducing right from second session, and I got full pain free shoulder range in 4 weeks time. "

Mrs. Kalyani Umrani, Famous Beautician says:

"One of the best physiotherapist in Pune. Supriya is an awesome person . Listens patiently to all our queries, explains what exactly the problem is ( till one understands) and makes your problem look very simple. Cura Clinic- Highly recommended by me and my family ... best wishes"

Ms. Gauri Ranjekar, IT professional & Marathon runner says:

"Dr. Supriya is just excellent and has a great diagnosis. I had a severe back pain because of muscle spasm and i almost could not stand straight. Then I consulted Dr. Supriya; her remarkable therapy and treatment relieved me from the agonising state in just 2 days.! Totally Hats off..!!"

Yogesh Parkhe, IT professional says:

  • Perfect Diagnosis
  • Correct therapies 
  • Helpful and polite staff
  • Very effective
  • Pleasant and positive efforts towards treatment

Mr. Chinmay Deshpande, Football player says:

"I  would say “SHE TAUGHT ME TO WALK AGAIN” One of my friend recommended me her name.And in first meeting itself I got to know that She is the best. I had ACL surgery for my right knee and after surgery I went for physiotherapy sessions for reconstruction. She started my treatment and went on adding new exercises. She isn’t like other doctors who work just for bucks. She gave personal attention and guide me very well so that I can walk again as I could before surgery. Thank you Doctor !!"

Kunal Salunkhe says:

"I was suffering from shoulder pain after pulling more weight than I was accustomed to in the gym. After the pain didn't subside for more than a week, I visited Dr. Supriya who accurately pointed out the trigger point and explained the problem in detail. After taping the shoulder, my pain subsided and gradually faded away. For the follow up meeting she suggested some exercises for strengthening my shoulders and also my lower back which has troubled me over the years. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend Dr. Supriya for anyone who is looking for any sort of physiotherapy."

Ashok Patil says:

"I found Dr.Supriya to be very knowledgeable. She could quickly understand the issue and explained why and what has gone wrong and the proposed treatment. I also appreciate tech savyness of the clinic . The assistants were equally competent."

Nikhil Avasarkar says:

"Doctor is very methodical. Has an excellent command over her profession. Good communication skills. All in all a great experience."

Nikita Sant says:

"Really worth visiting and everything is really good in there ! Positive vibes 😊 Just started with my therapy and the doc who helped me with the therapy is really good !! Thank you."

Mr. Sanjay, Lawyer says:

" I have been overwhelmed by care. Half of ailment is cured simply by care taking approach of the team of doctors. I am thankful for the treatment. Now i am really better and relieved from pains. Thanks and wish u all from your team very bright success in their career."

Mr. Rajeev Khade says:

" Dr is very professional in her work and ensures that her patient is comfortable and also generates confidence in the patient that things will be all right. This helps the patient to feel relaxed there by generating positive force within himself ( patient)."

Anil Tambe says:

" Supriyaji, Due to my friend Mr Ashok Deokule's appreciative referece I had predicted positive results which are proving right. After, just, a couple of sittings, mobility of my right leg has cosiderably improved. Your smiling presence is catalytic to your treatment. Please keep it up..."

Shruti Pol says:

"Good. professional n friendly both. i will recommend them to people i know. thanks to the team n keep up the good work."

Manav Gupta says:

"I had Great experience ,she listens to problem patiently ,flexible timings,gives proper time ,clinic is well organised."

Nikita Bachaw says:

"Doctor is very friendly and knowledgeable.  She explains you each and every detail of your pain and treat you well.. Overall all very good experience.."

Niranjan Gulbady says:

"Extremely nice to patients. Puts patient at ease and explains the ailment for better understanding by the patient..Very professional in approach.."

Gaurav Hoshing says:

"Doctor helped a lot, very cooperative staff,excellent and effective treatment methods. Pain will definitely run away...."

Sunita Kulkarni says:

"Dr.Supriya is very warm and friendly. Listens to your problem patiently gives you correct solutions."

Vinit Shah says:

"The experience was very good & feeling positive from my 1st day physio..."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for lower back pain and neck pain problem 3 weeks ago. Doctor has a listening ear and understands the perspective of the patient. Polite nature and clear explanation of the treatment. Dr does not stress for unnecessary expensive treatments and x-rays . In all a pleasant experience and would definitely recommend to friends. Thank you Doctor for a wonderful service."

Jessi Pinto says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
She will explain the root cause of the problem in detail and suggest diagnosis. very trust worthy and caring doctor.I would like to thank her for helping me with my back pain and she is sent by God to help patients like us."

C M Joshi says:

"Visited for Physiotherapy for Osteoarthritis of Knee and Hip
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
I am taking physiotherapy treatment from Dr. Supriya. I had a problem of knee pain for which I was suggested by experts to go for surgery. But when I approached Dr. Supriya, she gave me confidence by explaining my exact problem in simple language. She further gave me very nice treatment n suggested simple excercises which privided me utmost relief and I was saved from surgery. In my view she is really trustworthy and very passionate about her work. Thank you doctor!"

Neha says:

"Visited for Soft Tissue Injury Management, Osteopathic Treatment
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Value for money, Wait time
Visiting doctor for posture correction for last few months. I am happy with treatment and effects of being regular for given appointment. Doctor will pull you out of your comfort zone and with regular exercise, one can see the noticeable change over the period of time. Apart from treatment, I ll recommend doctor for her friendliness and good sense of humor. "

Dr. Archita Juneja says:

"Visited for Matrix Rhythmus Therapy, Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy, Corrective exercises
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
I have been taking treatment from Dr. Supriya Joshi. I really like her way to treatment, she explains the treatment well, and is very accurate with her work, I am specially satisfied with the matrix therapy. She including the other members of the clinic are very polite and understanding. Thank you for such a good experience."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Soft Tissue Mobilization
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
She is very friendly ,confident .I got 50% relief in first treatment.Her clinic is very clean.She explained line of treatment very nicely."

Manish Ambewadikar says:

"Visited for Soft Tissue Mobilization
Happy with Doctor friendliness
For the 1st time I have been to any physiotherapist and the experience was simply superb. I can not able to see any area of improvement. Dr. Supriya was very friendly and has in-depth knowledge. She has given sufficient time explained to the exercises to be done. Also received what's up message for the same."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Pre and Post Natal Massage
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
I came to this beautiful place to get my knees treated. I was of two minds whether to go for surgery or therapy. I am very happy that I select good clinic and good doctor. I got my smile back. I got my confidence back. I can walk now as i was walking early. Thanks to doctor Joshi."

Akshay M says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Value for money
Most reliable clinic in town for physiotherapy treatment. I visited clinic twice, first for post Scaphoid fracture surgery treatment and recently for Sciatica pain. Dr. Antarkar is extremely good in explaining issue, cause and course of treatment. Her entire staff is also very co-operative and soft spoken. It was truly professional care experience. I got so much relief after her treatment. I wish her and her staff all the best. Regards, Akshay Mungantiwar"

Kedar Bapat says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Dr. Supriya is very down to earth in explaining in simple language the diagnosis and plan of treatment by taking small steps one at a time. I am able to see the improvements in my back pain levels and looking forward to the course of physiotherapy session."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Shoulder Pain
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money
Doctor is very friendly nature. She always equally treat everyone. She will give you proper solution about your current PT related problem and give you proper exercise on it. I was visit to his clinic three months back because, I was fell down from activa and my left shoulder bone was facture. It's had took 7 week to recover. After that my bone was heal properly but my hand had not strength. So doctor worked properly on it and now I can lift 10 kg with that hand in gym. Thank you very much doctor for you support and you are such a kind person."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Functional physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Dr. Supriya is a very experienced doctor in her field, she has a very deep understanding of the problems patients are facing."

Shital Amol Kadam says:

"Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time"

Makarand Jogalekar says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
I have been taking treatment from Dr. Supriya for more than 8 years now and am very very satisfied. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of physiotherapy and her staff is also fantastic"

Vijay Mali says:

"Visited for Home Care Physiotherapy, Pre and Post Operative Care, Back Pain Physiotherapy,Physiotherapy for Osteoarthritis of Knee and Hip, IFT
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time Very much friendly and understanding doctor. Vast experience in physiotherapy. Makes sure that the patient knows what treatment is going on. Gives clear and easy instructions."

Santosh Chopade says:

"Visited for Soft Tissue Injury Management
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction
If u really want to recover by treatment from masters and not the experts....cura is the perfect destination."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Ultrasonic Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Understand the issue of patient in detail. Thorough explanation of the treatment and exercises. Great suggestions and tips to be followed in the future."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction"

Mr. Manik Balajiwale says:

"Visited for Frozen shoulder Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money"

Madhavi Desai says:

"Visited for Deep Tissue Release Therapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Hi Supriya is really great at her treatment . She explained my problem in detail and also discussed the line of treatment . She is very patient and answers all the questions patiently. I recommend her team ."

Gauri Shah says:

"Visited for Sports Injuries Rehabilitation
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Dr Supriya is extremely competent Her diagnosis is spot on and she takes the time to explain the treatment carefully. My daughter has benefitted tremendously from her time with Dr Supriya. I would definitely recommend her"

Manisha Bapat says:

"Visited for Electrical Stimulation, Neuro Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money
Dr Ankita motivates patient to try harder. She is very energetic and keeps patient involved in the exercise routine and makes it interesting. Thanks a lot for your guidance and motivation. My father is taking her treatment by having home visits and is very happy with her treatment."

Tanvi Chandarana says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction
She explained and gave me proper information and treatment accordingly.Matrix treatment given was very nice.Feeling much relief after doing it.Thanks to Doctor."

Sanjana Gupte says:

"Visited for Sports Fracture Rehabilitation
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money
Dr Ankita made me feel so comfortable even first time when i met her i was completely relaxed to see her smiling face and half of our pain is gone"

Amit Chandrakant Gupte says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy, Generalised Musculosketal conditions
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Based on the issues described to the doctor she was able pinpoint the exact issue and devise treatment for the same. Excellent experience and would strongly recommend Dr. Ankita to anybody looking for an professional experience."

RohanSingh Suryawanshi says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy, Neck Pain Physiotherapy, Muscular Injuries
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time I have been facing back problem since my college days (now I am 35 yrs old) so I have been taking physiotherapy on and off and in different cities, but I think now I have come to the right place finally, never have been this satisfied. Dr.Ankita is more determined than me to cure, which really motivates me to cure myself,I am learning lot of things which will help me to shape my body for the future. She's really positive, helpful and caring."

Kartiki Prayag says:

"Visited for Microcurrent Therapy, Muskulo Skeletal
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Dr Ankita is a very soft spoken and friendly lady. I visited her for my muscular imbalance in upper back and neck.. she explained everything in detail. the treatment and exercises helped me alot in early recovery. I definitely recommend her."

Sumeet Khastgir says:

"Visited for Ultrasonic Physiotherapy, IFT, Neck Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Dr Ankita is highly Professional and very knowledgeable..Her treatment methods are accurate and works really well. I had persistent neck and wrist pain for which I consulted her and the results were amazing. "

Faisal Kazi says:

"Visited for Neck Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Very much friendly, explains every core and basic things of treatment, troubleshoot every problem, Dr. Ankita at it best."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Neck Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
I was suffering from neck pain and I visited Cura Physiotherapy clinic. Doctor is really awesome, she hears you thoroughly. She is knowledgeable in this area. I was told to go through multiple sessions of physiotherapy to cure the neck pain.I started feeling comfortable and pains started reducing in first 3-4 sessions only. Also, the admin staff also supportive. I recommend."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue
She is well versed with the understanding of human body. The way she went in detail to understand and treat my pain its waa commendable."

A Verified patient says:

"Happy with Treatment satisfaction
When I visited the doctor I didn't had to wait for a long time. I visited for body pain . I'm very satisfied with the treatment! Thanks a ton.."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Shoulder Pain
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money
To be perfectly honest the first time I visited cura physio I didn’t hold out much hope. Over the previous years my severe shoulder had been treated by a number of physiotherapists and chiropractors without success. Ankita immediately made me feel as though something could be done, she were right! After so many years of pain I can now go through life relatively pain free, I can’t express what a miracle this feels for me. I honestly didn’t think it would ever be possible."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Foot Care
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
She was extremely friendly and treated me extremely well Loved the way she treated She could get the roots of my problem and get it sortef."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Muskulo Skeletal
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Wait time
Dr Ankita is friendly treat us like friend and family . I think making you calm is most important,part of Ankita mam."

Santosh Gupte says:

"Visited for Interferential Therapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Overall I have had a very satisfying experience. I have never had to wait in the Reception for more than five minutes. The working efficiency and professional approach is admirable. Doctors have easy and effective communication skills and professional abilities. Best wishes to Cura , Dr Ankita and Dr. Supriya."

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Fibromyalgia Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money
Dr Ankita has meticulously studied my health issue. She explained us the diagnosis, type of therapies to be used and the purpose of every exercise recommended. She took practice sessions to ensure right execution. Her explanations about the type of exercises and stage wise migration from simpler to complex exercises was very informative. She proactively discussed the progress with our orthopaedician to arrive at future course of actions. She took all the efforts to ensure maximum possible resolution in the available short span of ten days, before we proceeded for a journey abroad. I am sure to approach Dr Ankita anytime in future, should there be any need for physiotherapy treatment for me or my near and dear ones."

Saurabh Nimbalkar says:

"Visited for Soft Tissue Mobilization
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
genuinely happy She has given perfect exercise with machine therapy And not recommended machine therapy in terms of quick recovery through best exercise. Now i am fully fit and fine Thank you Ankita and Cura"

Deshpande Shyamkanth Shailesh says:

"Visited for Sports Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Ankita Mam: 1) Very friendly strategic planning for treatment 3) economical 3) Always open for discussion and amendments if recommend by other doctor or physio 4) clean and hygiene clinic There are many things which will make you visit the doctor and complete your treatment from one person only. Supriya mam: Personally Dr.Supriya is a great human being and takes any feedback as positive and make immediate improvements."

Nisha Mehta says:

"Visited for Frozen shoulder Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Hello everyone, I had frozen shoulder n knee pain.I met Dr Ankita and my experience was too good with her. She is just amazing. Her best quality is she listens to our problems deeply and gives quick solution for it.Her guidance is very very effective and long lasting,provided we follow it sincerely. Whenever required she gives very smooth n comfortable online guidance.Whenever I come across some ortho or muscular related problem, the first person I go to is DR ANKITA."

Priyanka says:

"Visited for Musculoskeletal Injury Physiotherapy
Happy with Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money
Dr. Ankita was very efficient with her treatment. She was excellent at making me understand the condition and teaching all the exercises. Easy to pick and perform exercises. I was pain-free within a very short span and could get back to work. Extremely happy with the treatment. She is a great physio to go to for musculoskeletal problems. Thankyou."

Preksha says:

"Visited for Musculoskeletal Injury Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Gait (Walking) Training / Assistive Device Training, geriatric rehabilitation, Interferential Therapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money
Dr. Ankita is more than a doctor to all her patients. She is a councillor, friend and a guide as well. She is very well updated in her field and gives nothing but the best and the most advanced treatment. More than treating a patient, she heals them. Dr. Ankita is worth 1000 recommendations!"

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money
Excellent. They explain every detail and set of exercises are very helpful for the treatment."

Madhavi Desai says:

"Visited for cervical spondylitis
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction
Dr . Supriya and Dr . Ankita very patiently explained my problem to me. Also discussed the plan of action . The treatment given was accurated which relieved my pain slowly right from day 1 . The doctor was very punctual and hygiene is well maintained in the clinic . I would definitely recommend Cura clinic.
A massive thank you to Dr.Ankita for all her amazing work she has done with me over the past few months, after fracturing my tibia. She is brilliant with so much of expertise and also such a nice friendly person..I can't rate her highly enough!!"

A Verified patient says:

"Visited for Musculoskeletal Injury Physiotherapy, Post Surgery Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation,Knee Pain Physiotherapy, Hip, Ankle, Knee Injury, Physiotherapy Rehab
I would recommend Dr. Ankita Mehta Thorat to everybody who is need of a physiotherapist. She treated me with utmost care and efficiency. Her efforts never faltered until I recovered completely. Her approach to my pain and stiffness post my surgery for knee fracture (Right Patella) has been very positive, empathetic and fruitful. Very hard-working, but always a pleasant and a smiling person. One of the best physiotherapists I have come across till date!! I am and will always be very thankful to her for getting me back on my legs!!"

Meghana Raje says:

"Helpful Makes you comfortable Teaching exercises, explaining queries, treatment, she is perfect I had a wonderful experience with Dr Ankita. I'm a guitarist and had terrible pain the the neck that went upto my hand. Thanks to Dr Ankita I'm back to normal now."

Neha says:

"Visited for Electrical Stimulation
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction,Value for money, Wait time
Doctor is friendly and explains treatment very well. Provides good attention to patient. I ll recommend doctor."

Gaurav says:

"I have had a bad shoulder muscle tear due to a terrible fall. The movement of my shoulder blade always led me so much pain which in turn put a lot of pressure on my back. Doctors said that surgery was the only choice I had. However, I was sceptical for going under the knife. That's when I reached out to Dr. Ankita as I have known her for years. She treated my shoulder injury with utmost expertise which really helped me recover.she does and explains everything in detail about the treatment she is providing. I was impressed not only with her professional knowledge and treatment but with her whole hearted dedication. Over 4 months later we managed to avoid any surgical intervention and am now feeling a lot better and more mobile. Many thanks to you and I highly recommend a visit!"

Soha Doshi says:

"I met with an accident and due to the two wheeler falling on me, I was unable to walk. I also fractured my hand. Dr. Ankita made me exercise daily and helped me walk again. Once my cast was off, she also helped me regain strength in my hand. I would strongly recommend her for her treatment."

Tanvee Jadhav says:

"Dr. Ankita is very dedicated to her work.. Got lot of potential and very helpful. Gives her 100% attention to the patient. And never has she ignored her duty does everything professionally and efficiently ."

Mrs Aarti Gala says:

"Dr.Ankita is very well versed with her line of treatment for any sorts of pain or swelling or anything related to physio. I would like to highly recommended her, for any type of physio treatment. Few exercise and few tips, gave me immediate relief to the pain. She is available online too."

Manisha Doshi says:

"Dr. Ankita is very sincere and hardworking. She has a lot of patience to make you understand how to do your exercise with perfection. Very punctual. She was a great help to me after my accident wherein my shoulder was fractured and I required physiotherapy for the same after the initial recovery. She taught me various exercises which helped me immensely. I wasn’t even able to lift my hand but with her guidance and exercises taught by her, I was soon able to put my hand straight up. Thank you Dr. Ankita."

Yogaja Kulkarni says:

"Dr. Ankita Mehta was introduced to me by a friend as I had severe back and neck pain. After knowing she has been in renowned teams of doctors and has practiced for a long time it was easy for me to trust her. Thank you Dr.Ankita Mehta from treating me and listening to me patiently for my case! Absolutely recommended!"

BUZO C/O Mr.Pratik Bidkar says:

"I was suffering from severe back ache problem from a long time , have been treated by Dr. Ankita and it was a very good experience. Very professional and friendly , have been feeling better after a long time now. Would definitely recommend.
Visited for Back Pain
Happy with Treatment satisfaction"

Ajit Pendse says:

"I visited Cura for lower back pain issues and I must say that I made a right choice. Dr. Rajvi not only helped me in addressing my issues but also helped in providing direction to my long term goals. She planned the physiotherapy treatment and executed it professionally. I also had a positive experience in other areas like maintaining COVID norms at clinic, scheduling of appointmemts and communication. I surely recomment Cura team for your physiotherapy needs."

Hrushikesh Khade says:

"I was suffering from neck pain with a restricted range of motion, painful trigger points, and tight traps for over 4 months. Dr. Supriya Joshi instills confidence in you when she explains your ailment and it's reasons, a competent doctor is everything the patient needs! Dr. Sapna treated me and took feedback in every session(6 total in a span of 2 weeks). She was very clear with the exercises and all doubts I had. She's very approachable and cares about your problems as much as you do, that's a tough trait to find in doctors nowadays! Make sure you follow her instructions and exercise regularly, it speeds up your recovery, we got rid of the pain within 4 days. High level of hygiene, skilled and soft spoken doctors, reasonable fees, and an assured recovery, I definitely recommend Cura for any issues you are facing right now!"

Chitra Deuskar says:

"Dr. Supriya and all the other physiotherapists were extremely knowledgable and helpful. The recommended exercises helped my wrist recover in a very short period."

Adwait Govitrikar says:

"I visited Cura Physiotherapy Clinic for the frozen shoulder problem I encountered due to work from home. I was given a very good and detailed understanding of what is frozen shoulder, what treatment needs to be given and the time frame required for full recovery. The treatment given and the exercises that were taken during the sessions helped me greatly in achieving full recovery as per the original time estimate. Based on my experience i would definitely recommend Cura Physiotherapy Clinic. Thank you Dr. Supriya and team."

Anup Adkar says:

"Very Good treatment by Dr Shivani. No use of medicine is more important. Thank You"

Sanjay Chiplunkar says:

"My six year old back pain was completely cured at Cura. Thanks a lot."

Vishwanath Lele says:

"Excellent diagnostic by Dr Supriya.I couldn't move my shoulder due to ligament tear, but due proper treatment received in Cura.I am able to move my shoulder. Treatment fee is very reasonable."

Smita Navare says:

"Excellent guidence in improving health soft spoken docters good efferts taken by Dr. Sapana I will always suggest highly recommend Cura Clini for physiotherapy treatment."

Rajanikant Ghate says:

"Naina NalkurVery knowledgeable doctor. She will not make you run around with excessive tests (like a lot of amateur doctors now a days do) and yet provide very simple & precise solutions to your problems. A tip from my experience, reach out to her even for minor aches before it's too severe!"

Naina Nalkur says:

"Dr. Rajvi gave me very good attention and easy-to-follow effective exercises. She is very good at her job."

Nikhil Avalaskar says:

"I had an awesome experience with this clinic. Dr. Supriya is very knowledgeable and diagnosed my problem (lumbar spine) accurately. Just 5-6 sessions with her team member Dr Shivani and i was back to normal. Her dedication and soft skills are real positives. Kudos to the team !!!"

Aparna Bidkar says:

"Cura physiotherapy clinic is the best in Pune City based on my experience. Dr. Supriya, the Chief Physiotherapist is extremely good. Her overall knowledge of the subject, perfect diagnosis, confidence given to the patients and the treatment are really commendable. Dr. Shivani and all the other staff is also knowledgeable and experienced. I highly appreciate the hygiene followed at Cura clinic during the Covid pandemics. All the very best Team Cura👍🏻Keep it up!"

Aditi Tasgaonkar says:

"I had a wonderful experience at their clinic!
I had an Ankle ligament injury due to a trek... Doctor gave me the confidence to walk and also the therapy reduced my pain to a large extent!"

Rishikesh Yawalkar says:

"Due to several accumulative factors like prolonged sitting, and injuries during powerlifting, I was suffering from intense back pain for a year and went to two or three different physiotherapists but they couldn't help me with my problem and moreover told me to quit lifting weights. At first when I went to Cura, I realized they were not orthodox at all and helped me recover according to my fitness goals. I was treated by Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Supriya and both of them were pretty understanding of my needs, explained me underlying cause of my back pain and how I should work on it. Cura's team is extremely proficient and moreover polite with everyone. It took me a few appointments but as of now I am recovered and lifting well again. 10/10 would recommend to everyone."

Sarika Joglekar says:

"My experience with Cura physiotherapy is really satisfactory. I live in the US and meet with Dr. Antakar online, which has not affected the quality of consultation. She communicates exceptionally well and is very knowledgeable. She has helped me understand the cause behind my concerns and guided step by step through the entire process. I've seen significant improvement in my strength. The exercise list is convenient and support is available through the entire process. I'd highly recommend Cura Physiotherpay!"

Zameer Havaldar says:

"Supriya Ma'am and her wonderful team are doing a great job! I've been a regular visitor to the clinic since my accident back in 2015 and their tactics have helped me reduce the pain and strengthen my legs. I'm back outdoor and enjoying my adventures! Kudos to you!"

Rahul Karmarkar says:

"The best clinic got fast recovery best doctors and therapist thanks a lot"

Ranjeet Dighe says:

"Dr. Supriya and her team helped me recover from my surgery and gain strength. She is very knowledgeable and gives the right guidance, exercises to be done. I went for the physiotherapy almost for 2 months once or twice every week... and benefited greatly.
She is well known for helping older people exercise, be fit."

Chandrashekhar Joshi says:

"I am taking physiotherapy treatment from Dr. Supriya. I had a problem of knee pain for which I was suggested by experts to go for surgery. But when I approached Dr. Supriya, she gave me confidence by explaining my exact problem in simple language. She further gave me very nice treatment n suggested simple excercises which privided me utmost relief and I was saved from surgery! In my view she is really the BEST PHYSIOTHERAPIST in Pune. Thank you doctor!"

Shalaka Ambekar says:

"We met Dr. Supriya , after my husband's hand surgery for the malunited wrist joint . He was not able to move his wrist properly and there was a lot of pain. With the systematic approach of Dr. Supriya , within 6 weeks he got the strength and the range in the movement of the wrist. We are very thankful to her and would like to recommend her. She is committed towards all her patients and provides timely help.Her team is also very skillful."

Yogesh Parkhe says:

"Supriya ma'm is one of the best physiotherapist you can find in pune area.She has a very pleasant personality and she understands what the problem is.diagnosis is perfect.Her staff is dedicated and very polite.I had many difficulties and issues with my neck and back pain,but everytime i visit the clinic i get cured within 3-4 days.No need of xrays and expensive stuff.please do visit if you are suffering from pain issues and want quick and long term relief."

Sainath Raje says:

"I had a tennis elbow few months back. One of the eminent orthopaedic Dr.Modak(name changed) had scared me a lot saying it is a neurologoical issue. Then i went to Cura where the issue was completely resolved only by proper exercises i was advised.(without any medicines) The entire Cura team is really wonderful and always happy to help.. The best part was that during my treatment, i had recommended few ppl to them and they too got good results. Thank you Dr. Supriya Joshi and entire team Cura."

Kartiki Subakade says:

"Cura Physiotherapy is very best for the patients of muscular body pain. Physiotherapist are knowledgeable as well as very informative and always ready to help their patients. They all are well disciplined as well as having systematic approach.
I am thankful to each of them for the service rendered to me. Thank you very much."

Rujula Jadhav says:

"I did my first ever observership here at Cura physiotherapy clinic and my experience was just amazing! I loved the way they listen and treat the patients. The most impressive aspect of team cura is that they thoroughly explain their patient about his/her condition, the treatment plan and never undertreat any patient. Here I could learn innumerable things including the importance of being a good 'listener', being empathetic, importance of making patient comfortable. I could learn how to practically apply my theoretical knowledge. I feel blessed to have such experience. All Thanks to Dr Ankita ma'am and Dr Supriya ma'am for making this small journey unforgettable! "

Hemant Gore says:

"I am thankful to all the members of Cura Physiotherapy clinic for the satisfactory medical treatment given to me ."

Suhas Sonvalkar says:

"Very professional doctors with sound advice. Recently done online consultation due to Covid and it was very helpful to understand the exact problem."


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